The Neat Masturbation Innovation

For ages masturbation has left men with the task of cleaning up afterwards. Xelfex is the world’s first product that takes care of post masturbation clean up and much more.

xelfex box and pouch with masturbator and lube
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Built-in clean-up system

Xelfex comes with a cylindrical napkin embedded in it, that fits perfectly around the penis. It wipes the penis clean at one go during removal, providing a complete clean-up with no spills or leaks.

Masturbate & cleanup in bed

No more tissues to take care of, no mess to clean up later. In fact you’ll never need to get out of bed to wash up after.

Perfect for VR Porn

Searching for napkins or worrying about ejaculation while immersed in the VR porn experience almost ruins it. Xelfex takes care of all the real world problems, so you can fully enjoy the virtual one.

Clean & dry hands throughout

The masturbator in the pouch is non-lubricated (dry) and comes with a separate lubricant sachet. As the lube is poured inside the masturbator just before use, your hands stay clean & dry throughout, even while stroking & cleaning.

Convenient disposal

Xelfex comes in a resealable zip pouch, so it can simply be placed back in it after use. The zero-leakage pouch can actually be carried in your pocket until it is disposed off at your convenience.


Literally the size of a condom, it fits in small spaces and can be carried around conveniently anywhere.

Studded for added sensation

Xelfex is studded (dotted) on the inside, providing added pleasure to the experience, as compared to your hand.

Preparatory tool for condom use

Xelfex is made from a latex condom. Over time, its use builds comfort with using a condom like product. The overall feel of a latex product for masturbation can work as a preparatory experience to use condoms comfortably and without error during partnered sex.

An odour-free experience

Although a latex product, the Xelfex masturbator comes with only a slight scent that can only be traced from extremely close contact. It cannot be traced, even on your hands, unless smelt directly and up close.

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